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  1. Ira

    Been waiting for more than 10 mounth.

    I just dropped you a PM. Check your inbox. Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
  2. Ira

    South American Motorcycling trip

    This is not really in our wheelhouse. I would suggest you check the fine folks at the Horizons Unlimited Web site, at Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
  3. Ira

    4 Months and Counting

    NPT rides can take quite a bit of time to verify (especially with 153 stamps), so it's probably still in process. We will email you with payment instructions when the ride has been approved. Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
  4. Ira

    4 Months and Counting

    Russ - I just sent you a Forum message. Please check that and I'll help close this out. Thanks. Ira
  5. Ira

    Need Your Forum Status Changed?

    Well, one can't be a Premier member without first being an IBA member. That said, it now shows you as both. Ira
  6. Ira

    Received my Bun Burner 1500 but no Saddle Sore

    For a more complete description of nesting rides, please see Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
  7. Ira

    Received my Bun Burner 1500 but no Saddle Sore

    To state it again, if one ride by definition is completed within another, we only issue one certificate. For example, everyone who completes a Bun Burner GOLD (1,500 miles in 24 hours or less) has by definition completed a Saddlesore 1000 (1,000 miles in 24 hours or less) and a Bun Burner 1500...
  8. Ira


    You might want to pose this question to the IBA UK, IBA Ireland, and/or IBA Germany portions of the Forum. Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
  9. Ira

    How to pay online when doing application online?

    I just sent you a Forum PM. Ira
  10. Ira

    Last ride of the year?

    The more-or-less official announcement, with the date corrected, frorm Shuey Wolfe: Stagecoach Cafe 52860 AL 59 Stockton, AL 36579 (251) 580-0608 Just a reminder for those who want to see and be seen, have a look at bikes of all kinds and visit with riding friends you might not see often...
  11. Ira

    Ride Certification

    Right now, it can take 12-14 weeks for us to complete a verification. If it''s been longer than that, please let me know. FYI, for future reference, as the rules page states, "If you are concerned we received your documents and live in the U.S., we recommend "Delivery Confirmation" (a product...
  12. Ira

    Mexico entry b2b

    Absolutely not. As the rules clearly state: "You must document your ride from Mexico to Canada (you and your motorcycle MUST cross both borders!)" Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
  13. Ira

    Mexico entry b2b

    I am unaware of any fees associated with border crossing, especially for the extremely short time you would be in Mexico. Yes, Mexico doesn't generally recognize US insurance, but it's easy enough to obtain a day's coverage over the Internet. But if all you are doing is driving across the...
  14. Ira

    Panama City To Panama City Ride CHANGE

    Greg - Are you familiar with Horizons Unlimited? I don't think there is a better source of current, local information for the globetrotting set, with plenty of opportunity to communicate directly with riders who have recently been where you are going. If you haven't already done so, check out...
  15. Ira

    Thinking about an IRON Butt

    There are at least four riders in the finishers list who have completed rides on a hardtail - one of the a Bun Burner GOLD. No ages listed. Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
  16. Ira

    Ride idea

    A few comments: You suggest a 24-hour ride, but don't specify a minimum mileage. Would this be a form of Saddlesore 1000? Or when you say it's a 24-hour ride, do you mean that one would ride for 24 hours regardless of mileage? The time between sunrise and sunset varies depending upon the...
  17. Ira

    Old (pre-2016) forum disappeared

    I asked Mike about it. Here's his reply: ----------------- The software is obsolete and not secure. We are working to try to pull out the old stories and place them somewhere but no ETA. ----------------- Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
  18. Ira

    Premier Membership

    One first needs to be an IBA member in order to purchase a Premier membership. So no, one cannot purhase a Premier membership prior to their first IBA certificate ride. Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
  19. Ira

    Two bike saddlesore

    And before the rule change which now requires the ride be done on a single bike, it was not uncommon for a rider to use a dirt or dual=sport bike for the Haul Road portion of the ride and then switch to a tourer for the rest of the ride. And there have been plenty of cases where a bike switch...
  20. Ira

    Premier Newsletter

    I'm not sure what the problem is. Your Premier membership is active and we have the same email address you show in your profile. Have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes our email land there due to the name of our organization. :-) Ira Agins Iron Butt Association