1. ACTCapo

    2021 ANZAC Day SS1600K

    Start time: 05:45, 25/04/2021 From: Australian War Memorial (Dawn Service) ODO: 52,258 (52,261 at first fuel stop) Left home just after 5am to head to the AWM for a start picture at the Dawn Service. Was stopped by security at a road block on Limestone Ave and wasn't even allowed into the...
  2. Chris Wiltshire

    NZ based ANZAC Ride, 2018 - Thank you.

    Hi, I'm member #66217 - I live in NZ. I was planning on trying to achieve the ANZAC ride certification as I saw it was open to AU and NZ riders. It would mean a lot to me to be able to do this, and according to the certified rides list, the first in NZ to achieve this. So I started trying to...