new zealand

  1. Chris Wiltshire

    NZ based ANZAC Ride, 2018 - Thank you.

    Hi, I'm member #66217 - I live in NZ. I was planning on trying to achieve the ANZAC ride certification as I saw it was open to AU and NZ riders. It would mean a lot to me to be able to do this, and according to the certified rides list, the first in NZ to achieve this. So I started trying to...
  2. Alan Doak

    The North Island 1600 in New Zealand

    Hi everyone, Every year the NZ Distance Riders group runs the North Island 1600 (1,000 miles, or 1,609 kilometres in less than 24 hours). Riders who complete the ride often use this to qualify as a member of the Iron Butt – I did this four years ago. This year the ride was horrendous, but...
  3. Alan Doak

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hello all IBA members - Alan (Skinny) Doak here - #62701. We're heading into summer down this end of the world so the motorcycles are getting a dust off, a spruce up, and the roads are starting to be travelled. I just completed a ride called the North Island 1600 (we're simple folk here - our...