1. oakden

    FS FREE Touratech tail/saddlebag for R1200GS

    Tried listing this on LD Rider list-no takers! Free to a good home for shipping only, I have a Touratech-USA expandable tank bag that was on a 2006 R1200GS. I believe it fits on up to 2007. It has a tag with “KALEDO” on it and I believe it’s a VP45. It has two removable saddlebags which were...
  2. Brian O'Connor

    R1200GSW Fuel Cell Installation

    I recently completed installation of a fuel cell, built by Maple Farkles, on my 2015 R1200GSW. This is how I completed fuel-line install which appears to be working well and it allows me to remove the cell in ~15 minutes when I do choose to allow a pillion. I am not including the fuel-cell...