11th April - Whiteways, Bury Hill - CANCELLED

Well Bob... after last nights ‘new rules’ I won’t be coming either..sadly.

Can I suggesting we reschedule until after all this is over, when we can meet and talk normally and buy food from the cafe to help them get back to some form of normality as quickly as possible. These places will need all our help...and business...


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I might still go - will just have a burger on my own and be suitably socially distant.
Weather dependent.


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Reluctantly I have had to take the decision to cancel this long-anticipated event in light of the fact that Donald Trump's promise to have the situation over and done with in time to pack the churches on Easter Sunday has turned out to be unreliable. I am announcing this now so that you all have time to cancel your journey with a minimum of inconvenience. I know there are those who would have preferred to hold out until the last vestige of hope has evaporated but I consider it kinder to call it off now.

If you now find yourself at a loose end for the weekend there is still time for you to enter the No Ride Rally!