2016-10-22 Predjama Castle,Slovenia


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And here is the last 1 for 2016.On oct 22 we meet at the
castle at 16.00 sharp for the picture.I'll be there at 14.00 to visit it.N 45 48.949 E 14 07.620 are the coordinates.

We stay at Epic hotel in Postojna address Kazarje 10
N 45 46.318 E 14 11.555 they have single, double and
triplets rooms.
Slovenia in october is beautiful in all it's autumm
colours so I found out this year!!See you all there I
The List
1 Michiel
3 Manfred Strommer
4 Jonathan Baker
5 Philippe Parein
6 Phil Weston
9 Dave Clarke ???
10 Rudiger
11 Gerhard M Krueger
13 Johnny M
14 JON12A

The old forum thread for this RTE is here.
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GSears said:
Which Weekend?
saphena said:
I'm up for that
Michiel Kerkhof said:
22 oct corrected it....sorry!
Slow Poke said:
Well damn near b'day again so got to try.
jaybee68 said:
fingers crossed i'm on this too.
GSears said:
Hotel booked. Hopefully half term is the week after
Slow Poke said:
Hotel booked.

Perhaps Bob & I should travel together so if we're late we
can have a birthday celebration by ourselves.


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We are going to give this one a go so put us both down. Hotel booked stopping Saturday and Sunday flower sniffing on way back
Maybe late when we get as can't leave till late Friday
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Please put me also on the list!
Thanks to Jon12A, ...... I also stay in the Epic Hotel.

See you,
Manfred Strommer
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It looks like I'll not have a replacement bike in time as the insurer's can't make up their mind to repair or write-off (seems to change weekly) so I'll also have to pull out.


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Dave, if you want, you can borrow my Explorer, as long as you insure it?

I don't live too far from you if you want a try out.