2017 Iceni Rally


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The date for this year's third and final running of our 8 hour novice rally in East Anglia is Saturday 23rd September. In 2018 the rally will be moving oop north with probably a new name too.

The event will once again start and finish at the Histon Royal British Legion Club near to the A14. In a change from the last two years I'll be running registration from the A14, J32 Premier Inn and not the Travelodge.

If anyone is considering entering the rally and wants to stay over on the Friday night they currently have rooms for £43.50 so it might be worth getting in quick as this is a very good price for a hotel in Cambridge. :D

John Young

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I fact, I will ask Robert which one he is doing ...... and that will be the one that I do ........

It would be a shame not to compete against him
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It's a shame dates clash when I pointed it out to Rally Master peter he said it was the only date he could do.
Perhaps the vets should go to Switzerland and leave the Iceni for the rookies/learners


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I must admit it would be nice to see a rally newcomer or relatively new rider win this last rally in East Anglia before it moves oop north in 2018 ;) :)


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Very interested in attending this event when can we complete registration?
Hello Ray. Entries open on the website on 1st June. You simply complete the registration form from the link once it's active here: https://www.ironbutt.co.uk/w3/iceni.php

If this is your first dabble in IBA rallies you should enjoy it. Once you've signed up I'll send you a link to a shared Google folder that contains all the information you need including last year's rally book and sat nav files so you can practice route planning and get your head round everything.

A week before the actual rally I remove these and replace them with this year's rally book and files so you get a whole week to plan where you'll visit in East Anglia during the 8 hours the rally lasts.

If you have any questions post them on here or PM me your email address :)
Hi Mark.

yes this will be my 1st time doing an IBA event.
I have known about the IBA for many years but never knew it was active in the UK.

I did the National Rally in 1999 & 2000 and got Special Gold Awards to I have done a bit of route planning and distance riding however now aged 65 I feel that need to test myself again.

Many thanks for the info Mark.

Ray Worster, post: 16391, member: 1476"]Very interested in attending this event when can we complete registration?[/QUOTE]
Hi Phil,

The age isn't the issue mate. I had a massive heart attack this time last year died twice and was brought back so this will be a nice way of testing myself against the two Special Golds I won on the National Rally in 1999 & 2000. I think we all know old guys know best I just need to feel the pain and fulfill a need to complete an Iron Butt event while I can.



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Living where you do Ray you may be familiar with some of the rally bonus locations (or not ;) ) and the roads of East Anglia. There will be options to visit places as far apart as the North Norfolk coast, East coasts of Suffolk & Essex, down to the north edge of London and right over into Bedfordshire too.

In the previous two rallies riders have covered anything from 150 to 400 miles during the day so you have the option of taking a nice scenic ride around the region or pushing yourself, the choice is yours.

If you have any biking friends you could also get them to sign up too, get together for a bit of planning then ride the same route together. We often have a few riders who go round in pairs etc. :)
Hi Mark. Yes I know a few of the roads in this area very well but knowing the key part of doing something like this is at the planning stage I am fully aware that knowing roads means very little until you see the grid locations for the points etc.

During my National Rally rides I rode with a team of four all on 250cc bikes and I did all of the planning and rote cards for the team so this is very much something I want to do on my own from planning stages to the starting point of the eight hours.

I am really looking forward to testing my planning skills again. Looking forward to the June date although I will be in Scotland at a special 175th Birthday dog event so I will have to try to get hold of a computer while I am up there.

Many thanks for all of you advice and support, Ray.