2020 IBA Australia Memorial Rides & IBA Wilcannia Memorial Ceremony


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I trust that it is Ok to place these couple of photos here. If not relevant or acceptable, please let me know and I will delete.
Having followed the various threads regarding the establishment of the Netallie Hill Memorial Site, I am cogniscent of the excellent work done by Kwaka in his liason with Indigenous Elder Badger Bates. Whilst visiting Broken Hill with my family in the later months of 2020, we visited The Broken Hill Sculptures at the Living Desert State Park (in the Barrier Ranges, 12 k west of Broken Hill).

Whilst walking through the Sculpture Park, the sign relating to Badger Bates caught my eye. I thought I would share these images with you to explain a little about his work and standing in the local community (and international indigenous art community). I can highly recommend a visit to the Sculpture Park if ever you are out that way. It is a special place with a distinct aura that cannot be easily explained.



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We are so fortunate having Indigenous Elder Badger Bates support and skill in carving a stone for IBA Australia on such an important site.

I had never met Badger until I was passing through the area with TJ. As I walked towards the site I had an unusual feeling, it was very quiet, I felt unusually relaxed and at ease with myself and my surrounds, we observed two men working on the rock as we approached the site.

I have never forgotten the experience, we are the beneficiaries of his skill, knowledge and passion at being at one with our Country.