2021 Iron Butt Rally


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I quoted his statement and asked 3 different questions using the same style of wording. That's called a "reframe", not "being dismissive".

I stated that the officials did their job and that the man won fair and square. That's called "giving praise", not "being dismissive".

I asked if his statement was because the winning rider (1% of the entrants) rode a Hayabusa. That's "seeking clarification", not "being dismissive".

Perhaps we're operating on different definitions of "being dismissive", possibly an artifact of us being "two people separated by a common language".
I'm just surprised that you found anything to object to.

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I'm just surprised that you found anything to object to.
You're mistaken that I "objected" to anything.

There used to be a time when intelligent men could have civilized push-and-pull dialogue. Nowadays, it seems that if you ask any question, of any person, at any time, then people get their shorts in a twist.

I'm bowing out of this discourse now, as it appears to have run its productive course.

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As someone who rode Kawasaki’s equivalent machine (ZZR1400/ZX14).

To travel that mileage, in that timeframe is simply outstanding, particularly if it’s a pre-2020/21 busa with no cruise. I don’t think those whose choice of riding position is mainly ‘sit up and beg’ appreciate being in the semi-tuck position for hour after hour, day after day is physically stressful and takes real dedication. Even with wind pressure at speed to alleviate wrist ache.

Just an amazing achievement.

What I’m curious about is consumables? All that weight, straight lines for mile after mile – tyres must have squared off after 4k, chain/sprockets/oil/filters/brake pads? All well past their service best.

i don't do faceache so i cannot read any stories


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Jon, thank you for the tickets. The short answer, the whole experience was beyond amazing. The passion people have for the event is unreal. It is so well run. The people from all walks of life. The challenges that the Rallymaster Jeff Earls gave was something for everyone at all levels and goals for the rally.

The longer answer, we talked with a lot of the riders. They all were very disappointed that only one Canadian rider was able to make the event. The rally veterans said is was really different not having the overseas riders here this year. They bring a lot of "color" to the event.

For us personally it was great to connect with some old friends and meet a lot of new friends too. Marissa was very surprised how many women participate in the IBR, (present and former). We rode 6 days total out of 7 averaging 900 miles per day. We saw some amazing country and visited places we never knew about.

You helped us spark that interest again by buying my FJR for the rally and then tickets to the banquet. It is now a small fire that is about to erupt fully as we met Gary Huff who runs the North by Northwest Rally in September. The bike worked great, saw many things that others did to consider to improve the bike even more.

I really hope they IBR does the normal 100ish rally entrants in 2023 and adds all of the those who had to withdraw from overseas due to COVID and run a slightly larger rally.

Thank you again Jon. Looking forward to meeting in person later this year.
I'm really pleased you and Marissa enjoyed yourselves, I thought you would.
Would be great to be fellow competitors in 2023.
Hope to see you soon Buddy.