24 April Richmond area


RBLR 1000
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Have a local pub in Richmond (North Yorkshire)that has a huge beer garden and is serving food outdoors (will need to be in groups of six to meet the regs) I will know Monday if it can be done who could be up for this will confirm Monday
Holly Inn
Holly Hill
DL10 4RJ

1) Graeme and Sally
2) Gregg
3) Tom Tom
4) Barry S
5) Dave Winter
6) GarminDave
7) Jon and Jo
8) Mark and Denise
9) Darryl Kirk
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Barry Soanes will be coming with me, he did an RBLR1000 a few years back.
I also have a couple of base layer technical tops, a Large and an XLarge that I made as samples, £15 each to the first bidder. I
Is it 12 noon? Is it on?