A Common Bond


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We are pleased to announce Rif Addams has joined the research team of the George A. Wyman Memorial Project. He will be working with Marti Wyman Schein, Director of Research, on a number of important items to extend the body of historical knowledge of the Wyman story.

1903 Wyman -- Rif Addams 2003

Rif is well known for his 2003 Centenial Recreation of Wyman's 1903 journey across America. His extensive research, preparations for and 2003 re-enactment, along with his demonstrated passion for the Wyman saga makes Rif a welcomed addition to the Wyman Memorial Project team. Rif has agreed to write an article for our "What's New" page to be published next month. Stay tuned!

Rif Addams is member of the Motor-Assisted Bicycling community and is dedicated to the preservation of safe and legal motor-assisted bicycling. Rif will also represent the interests of MAB members, acting as liaison between them and the George A. Wyman Memorial Project.

The long-distance riding, motorcycle touring and motor-assisted bicycle communities share a common interest in Wyman's historic 1903 journey across America. Each group views the Wyman legacy from a different perspective, but are united by the bond and inspiration of his historic accomplishment. Rif Addams' publicly demonstrated passion for the Wyman saga is one of the best examples of that inspiration, and ...

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