Anti Fog comparison PinLock?


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Hi all,

Did anyone try these: Raleri?

I have been OK with Pinlock but apparently these work better but does an IBA Member have real World experience of them?

Kim Leeson

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My Pinlock with Schuberth has never been fantastic, I like the idea of it bonding the visor, I might take a punt, cheap enough.


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Take the visor off and seperate the pinlock give them both a wash in warm water with washing up liquid rinse in warm water allow to dry do not use a towel as the pinlock is easily scratched and make sure the seal on the pinlock mates with the inner surface of the visor i've had no more problems since.
Try that before you go chucking your hard earned beer tokens at the problem.


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I have been using pin lock on my Shoei GT air for years now. As long as I make sure I have a good seal between the visor and the pin lock I never have any fogging. I've ridden through heavy rain and snow with this method and it works well for me.

Bob M

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You can also tighten up the pinlock once its on the visor, by turning the luggs that holds it in place. I took my C3 into Infinity motorcycles because I was getting some moisture between the pinlock and visor, and they were offering a free service. Sorted the problem.