Aussies @ the Iron Butt Rally 2019

Martin Little

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Well, with just over 5 weeks before we fly out for the States, there is still much to do by way of Rally prep, let alone what constitutes normal life this close to the Rally.

In a late change in plans I have managed to acquire a 2nd hand Maple Farkles Aux Fuel tank to fit onto the back of our RT and this will be fitted in the next few weeks ahead of us arriving. (we hadn't been planning on using the existing aux fuel tank as it is mounted on the pillion seat) Nothing like adding things to the list!

We have The Big Things Rally practise Rally coming up in two weeks, followed by a one day big ride out west and that will be the ride prep completed for us. Then it will be a matter of rechecking the lists, packing and making sure we are ready.

More updates to follow.
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Martin Little

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With 4 weeks to go we have a practise Rally coming up for the weekend of 11-12 May. OX has kindly pulled together the Big Things NSW Practise Rally for us which will be our last "live fire" exercise before we head to the States.

We will be using the K1600 for this ride which closely mimics the setup of our RT in States with the Aux Fuel tank setup and panniers. Pillion Piglet will also be trialing her new Rukka waterproof trousers plus the new Airhawk seat. Plus I will have a trusty bead rider on stand by.

We have also put a lot of effort into our Rally data management and routing using Excel and this will be the first time we use it on the clock!


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If you have the time, the Oz Big Things Practice Rally would be an interesting experience to write up in your inimitable style.
Prep. It doesn't seem to ever end. However everything is in hand and at the moment, there is a lull. The buffalo is all good to go for the MN1K, after which a full lube and tyre change will happen and then its time to turn the bike southeast for South Carolina.
As is my routine, I have stopped routing. the system I have is second nature now and with the exception of the MN1K wont do any until I am in the hotel and setting up, at which point I'll run a last test session.
I am looking forward to seeing Martin , Bec, Margaret and Peter Green( who these days is a us citizen but still sounds very much like an aussie ) once again in the carpark for another IBR.

jeffrey gebler

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My prep for the IBR is coming to a completion until I get to the states. I will be hiring a bike upon my arrival in the states for some time getting used to the the freeways and riding on the wrong side of the road.
I will then pick up my rally bike from Georgia 11 days prior to the rally and will then have a week doing some final prep to it before heading to South Carolina. New tyres are being fitted and fluid changes three days before the start in Greensville.
I hope that the last 18 months of prep have paid off.


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Looking forward to watching it all play out again this year! Brilliant stuff.

I clearly haven't been paying enough attention recently as I hadn't realised you were heading over, Jeff! That is fantastic! So we will have four Aussie riders/teams plus Peter Green, is that correct? biggest Australian contingent yet?

edited to include the very important Bec.