Best Motorcycle headset.

The C4Pro is the best helmet/coms combination I've used. Again I charge a battery on the move in my topbox but never needed to swap it out on a day ride. It's there in case I have a multiday ride without chance to charge overnight. An in helmet system that works really well.
cant say the same for my shoei sena set up i've partly cured the initial problems of it constantly dropping out of link with the sat nav. It now only does that occasionally but it has managed to find my phone and links a nice display onto the sat nav screen when its working trouble is its not always working. also the earphones are too far away from your ears as standard bit of sticky back phone made the darn thing hearable, plus you cant charge it and operate it at the same time according to the handbook. but it happily lasts all day on the battery. other good points its easy to turn on and off even with gloves on and displays the battery charge on doing so. Never had the drop out problems with my old scala rider but turning it on and off was a challenge i being me sometimes forgot to turn it on and ended removing my helmet to achieve this. plus you had no battery power display.
You'd think some one who makes stuff for motorcyclist would ask them what worked and what they wanted instead of just producing what suits them - this just doesn't apply to head sets its jus about everything i struggle to find stuff that isn't duff in some way ok rant over i feel better now.