Bike show


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I’ve not been told yet I go with six guys and our organiser sorts an overnight in Solihull beforehand, curry and a pint. Soon as I know the day I’ll pop it on this thread.


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Just looking at the options book in advance £19.50 £25.00 on the door £12.00 to park
free bike parking cloak room facility's £1.00 per item
train to Birmingham international from my local station £113.00 return:eek: fcuk that.
11-13 February the MCN show at ExCel London get there for nothing on me freedom pass cos i'm an old git
DLR station outside ExCel so it only costs me to get in the show and i can have a beer or three:D
Bit of a no brainer innit.

Ian M

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probably, last time (2019) i biked it and just got changed next to the bike then left everything in a roll bag tied to it, quite safe (security on) no need for cloak room facilities at a £/item, that'd be at least another £10 on top

Take your own butties or leave the venue and go down the pub via a taxi, food is ££££££:eek::mad: