Brit Butt Tour 2020

Picked up a few this week down south, a couple of closed roads with no other access and some sketchy roads in Cornwall, I think I need to plan better next time.


Ian M

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oooh we went to luice bay the last week of aug for holidays, was the lighthouse still shut? the cafe/coffee shop was open, the last few miles of the road were a pain behind camper vans, good roads though once clear

views were good, on the day we went, you could see the chimney at Kilroot power station, Carrickfergus


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Just returned from a few (sunny) days in Scotland. Managed to visit Cloch, Toward Point, Ardnamurchan Point, Traigh, Spean Bridge, Murlaggan, Lochhournhead, Ord House, Glen Ord, Rua Reidh, Durness, Duncansby Head, Buchanness, Tod Head, Arbroath and Lindisfarne
Photos to follow


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It was a gorgeous weekend for a ride out.

Jack Diamonds - Winkles Cafe.JPG
Jack of Diamonds - Winkles Café

Jack Hearts - Bawdsey Haven.JPG
Jack of Hearts - Boathouse Café, Bawdsey Haven

5 Diamonds - Vulcan Arms.JPG
5 Diamonds - Vulcan Arms, Sizewell

Queen Clubs - Gorleston Golf Club.JPG
Queen of Clubs - Gorleston Golf Club



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