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We are a small group; if ALL of us rode the rides we still wouldn't match the 189 finishers in the first RBLR1000 in 2009. 1,000 miles in 24 hours (or even 36) is widely regarded outside our circle as dangerous/uncomfortable/boring/impossible and is a big ask of first-timers.

Perhaps we can improve the takeup by offering to act as mentor and ride partner to two or three potential recruits. That might help overcome the inevitable fear factor and stimulate entries. I have just made such an offer to some contacts in the "long distance riding is barking mad" camp and will see what happens.

Rick UK

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Good idea Bob!
I've helped a group of riders round a Saddlesore before - it can be tough, but rewarding. I know that at least 2 would not have made it without my "encouragement" (and food and coffee).