Butt Lite IX 8 -14 July 2018

Martin Little

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Today was our first real full day on the bike as we make our way from Minneapolis to Lexington. It was a hot one! 104F (41 Celsius) when we pulled stumps at 5;45pm after 800+ kms for the day, following the Mississippi River southwards through Wisconsin, into Iowa, before crossing back into Illinois and finishing in Indiana for the evening. Bec did pretty well in a fearsomely hot days ride!

It was a good test of our Rally setup and generally we are pretty happy with things, with a few minor refinements to be made over the next few days.
Tomorrow, Thursday 5th July we are having new tyres fitted in Louisville, KY and then will make our way down the road to Lexington to check into Rally HQ.

Here are some photos from today's ride;

The sun was shining and the corn was growing...

Well the Pillion Piglet is still smiling....in 104F heat. Good Times!

On the road to Kentucky

It got so hot we had to turn the air con on!
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