Camping RTE - 2017-09-30 - Wiltshire


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It's only just around the corner for me. I'll be there Saturday. How about a trip up to pewsey white horse. Wiltshire is the place for white horses and "Wilf's" home county. He's a Moonraker like me.


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Tent not leaking (i've just checked) so put me down for this one please.
Last time i went camping there was singing and naked German women .
Has this been considered for this event ?. :D
ps......... they d'ont have to be German.
I dropped into the Woodbridge inn today and have booked camping space for fifteen, and a table for fifteen at 1230 on Saturday
both figures are adjustable as we get closer.
You will have to book into the camp site yourself i think no earlier than 1200 thats when the pub opens
so can people let me know who is coming for the RTE and who going to camp so i can tell the pub how many
a bit closer to the date will do.

Although I am in danger of missing the point of Ride to Eat as its only 28 miles for me as a local it would be rude not to attend the first Wiltshire RTE
I will be there on Saturday


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I'm in :)

Just rang and booked Friday and Saturday night, aim to arrive sometime Friday afternoon.

UPDATE - Got a cycle race to marshal on the Sunday in Essex now so gonna have to cancel this :(
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I'm confused about this "booking in" process. Is that something I need to do now (or at least before the RTE date) or do I count as one of the 15 but I need to tell someone I'm there on the day?


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  1. saphena
  2. g.s.john
  3. Mike Strong
  4. Jonnyp
  5. AndyB
  6. Jon12a
  7. Fazerphil
  8. Colin
  9. GSears
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