Car satnavs


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I'm sure some of us drive cars occasionally and if you're one of those what satnav do you use?

My wife's Nuvi has reached its sell-by date and I need to replace it with ???


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Our main cars now have satnags built in. Before that, I used a TomTom Go 930; quite an old device, but it had two neat features. One is that it has an SD card slot, so I can load up whatever music of my own that I want; the other is that it has an FM transmitter, so the sounds are played via the car's radio, and thus via decent speakers, rather than a tinny little in-built speaker.

Our cars are all built in now but have used the Zumo's in their mounts before.

Waze on the phone is a good cost-effective way to go though and it routes well as it gets traffic updates from other Waze users.