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Hi all,

I am pretty new to long distance riding but thinking about what I want/need. Currently, I have no kind of setup for this, so a just a basic helmet. I current have a Triumph Street Twin Bonneville.

Priorities are:
1) GPS
2) Ear plugs
3) Audio/music
4) Camera

So for GPS, I was thinking about two options. The first would be using my phone, probably shoved in a tankbag/pocket, and with audio. Alternatively, I used to have a Zumo so could go for that kind of thing again, if I can find a good way to mount it to my bike. The big issue with audio directions though is with ear-plugs. If I am writing ear-plugs to cut out wind noise, that will impact what I can hear in terms of audio directions too. I was thinking I would swap between earphones and ear-plugs depending on where I am and how I feel.

Ear-plugs, as written above, I want to use them to cut out wind noise, but also might rely on audio directions. There are times when I might want to listen to music too. Oh, any thing which I can connect up with someone I am riding with too (who may or may not have the same equipment) would be good.

For a camera, something that clips to the helmet rather than on the bike might be my preferred option, but something that I can control via controls on the side.

If there is something that can provide audio from the phone, allow talking with other riders, work with the phone for calls, and also work with ear-plugs, or have ear-plugs/pads that do a reasonable job of cutting out wind noise, that would be great. Oh, and cheap too.

So any suggestions about any of that?
GPS for me is Tom Tom
Earplugs and I can hear the directions from the Tom Tom that is on the dash. Even if I don't want to.
No music for me.
I use my Cell for a camera and as a back up GPS. There are several GPS apps with downloadable maps.


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HJC has a pinlock for anti fog. I wasn't impressed when a bolt fell out of the side of the shark in the 1st year and I had to buy a set of 2 side plates to get the screw. I"ll never buy another