Fool's Gold 2019


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It's getting close to the 1st of April again. For some it's all Fool's Day. For Iron Butt riders it's Fool's Gold day. Simple really. Ride 1500 miles starting and finishing on 1st April.

Who will succeed in completing a BunBurner Gold 1500 ride on April Fools day?

Anyone who completes the ride and gets it verified receive a very special "Fools Gold Ride Patch"

The fee for verification and a patch is £35 Verification is the same as normal

The rules of the ride are here....

The rules as the same as standard Bunburner 1500 Gold rides except the ride has to be completed wholly on 1st April.. April Fools Day in the UK

This ride is only for Iron Butt members. New riders must complete a basic ride before attempting Gold and Extreme rides.
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Hi Phil, Considering this afresh after half freezing to death last year!
A question though, what's the deal with the clocks changing?

They "spring forward" on the night of the 31st. Does this mean we have an hour less to complete the ride? Can we trust all receipts to be at the right time? Can it please be explained how this has been dealt with in the past, hate to fail due to a timing error not of my own doing!