Frans SPOT for 25 May 2017


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Nice day for riding. The boys are already just west of Gilgandra and about to hit the 110s on the Ox :)


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My thought on the roos you had such a too close impact wise encounter Tiger Bill. They had been driven off the landscape each side of your impact zone by the tractor/planting activity in this paddock by the roads.
Just saying because when I rolled through that pointabout 45 minutes ahead of Rob? ( Craigs Cob Hwy ride mate) those roos are being well stirred up and I thought at the time Im glad Im getting through here now..

Frans mate Im very sorry I could not escort you along the way at some point localish but my heart and try is with you on this epic adventure. Your in very good company by each rider you'll meet along the way.
Enjoy it mate. This is special.


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Finally! Liz and I achieved an intercept.

I had both SPOTS on my work screens. One in Bourke the other in Cobar.

Knock off time and lo and behold, SPOT showed that the lads were on the eastern outskirts. As the Shell is on my way home, looked in no bikes. Hmm... go and get Liz then went back to the servo.

No bikes, waited, waited some more....hmmm. Let's go and see if there's bikes at the Caltex in Oxide St, nope. Or at Hungry Jack's, nope. Bugger it, we've missed them but as we're passing the Shell, bingo!

Frans had apparently got lost! :confused:

Good to see happy smiling faces. Brian said to tell fatman, "...its 50/50".

Shell servo Broken Hill



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Not too cold here, very mild conditions. The clear skies will make it colder for them heading west. Dare say we've probably missed Rob... will look after posting this.

Didn't really have a chance to chit chat much, boys busy pushing buttons, getting keys for locked amenities, jotting down ride and log notes, stowing supplies, confirming accommodation, timed run and all. Mention was made that the ride being a slow run in the early hours due to fog, roo numbers and a roo tail.
Port Augusta was the planned stop tonight.

Anyway, good to see them and sure hope the roo's play nice for all the riders it was absolute carnage two weeks ago. I've not seen that much road kill on an Adelaide trip for a long, long time and as always, 100km radius around Olary is the killing fields hot spot!


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I just spoke with Frans. He said he is turning off at Northam. I presume that's the way Davo went.

He was in good spirits and sounded fine. He expressed his disappointment with AKS (Australian Kangaroo Society) who apparently have notified all their members and issued personal invitations to to come and line the roads and wave them on, on this epic ride. Frans was also quite scathing in his remarks about that because those irresponsible Kangaroo parents have also dragged out all their offspring as well.

His fuel consumption hasn't quite been up to his expectation, so he is having to chop and change his stops a bit. Before Denham he was planning on getting fuel at Geraldton, get to Denham for a sleep then leave early and fill at Canarvon but at 735km he doesn't think he will make that now. I rang the Overlander Roadhouse and they said they will be closing at 10pm tonight and Frans said he should be coming through there about 9pm local time so he should be ok. If not he will probably just leave a little later in the morning and get fuel when they open at 7am.