From Undergarments to Outer layer


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Have been riding for many years, and generally spend my time in full leathers, boots, full face helmet, and well protected gauntlet gloves. As you can appreciate, living in TN and riding with this equipment does not keep me cool over long distance. Have a mesh jacket but still wear leather pants. I feel I need an overhaul, as I have enjoyed the long distance riding that I have been doing lately, but need help choosing my LD outfit. So here is what I would like, and some ideas I have. Please speak up and not be afraid to be critical.

I have a FJR1300 2016, with an AirHawk and an Alaska sheepskin over the AirHawk. I have also noticed soreness behind the back of the thighs where I think the seams of my underwear pass down the back of my butt and around and into my inner thigh. I also wear a shirt which incorporates a chest, back, elbow, and shoulder protectors. I would also some form of hip protector, along with knee protection. A lot of this protection I know will be taken care of in the outer garments.

Base Layer:
  1. LD Comfort Riding Shorts
  2. LD Power Temp Cool Sleeve
  3. LD Helmet Liner w/Ties & Tails or should I go with the Helmet Liner Cap style?
Outer Layer:
  1. Aerostich Darien Jacket
  2. AD1 Pants
  3. Gloves, suggestions?
Most of my riding will be in the south, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, so cooling is very important, but also protection.

I have come with this list, but would love to hear from those of you with any experience riding in these extreme conditions, as well as those who have ridden in a rally or 50CC where you go from one extreme to the other. I would like to try and do the as close to correct the first time. Thanks for any suggestions
Hello Lanval,

I own LD Comfort Riding Shorts and Riding Pants. Have done 3 SS1Ks in the riding pants without any chaffing. Two of the rides were twelve hours apart. Have not done any rides longer than four hours in the shorts.



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Base Layer: LD Comfort shorts, shirt, helmet liner w/tails. For the shirt, I have both long sleeve and short sleeve. I do have the cool sleeves as well, but only had those as a backup. The LD Comfort gear does exactly what it's designed to do. For me, it did it well over a week of riding last year during my 48 State ride.

Outer Layer: First Gear Kilimanjaro jacket, and a pair of fat-boy riding pants that I bought a couple years ago from Cycle Gear. I need to upgrade the pants, specifically - but better than wearing jeans only.


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Have just ordered LD shorts, helmet liner w/tails, and cool sleeves. Still interested in other suggestions if people have them.

My soreness from approximately 1800 miles in three days was I think from the seems on either leg running down my butt to the inner thigh of my underwear.

Had a post on the IBA FB page about helmet liners with some great replies, which led me to the LD helmet liner.

Brian Thorn

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LDC full tights, long sleeve shirt, helmet liner.

Aerostich Roadcrafter pants and jacket.

Oxtar (now known as TCX) gore-tex Matrix boots.

Thick socks but no brand preference.

Gerbing heated jacket.

Lee Parks DeerTours outseam gloves.

Held "Steve" gloves if I need a change.
Top Side
1. Mesh bohn armor, (elbows, shoulder)
2. wicking shirt
3. JoeRocket VFR mesh Jacket
4. Olympia raingear top and bottom when needed. Aerostich 3 finger waterproof mitts.
5. Modular helmet, Sena 10s bluetooth
6. Alpinestars gloves, touchscreen (probably going full time waterproof soon)

Bottom side
1. Wicking shorts, too many good brands, LD, Buck Naked, Motoskiveeez ( I still cant decide if compression shorts make much difference, love the socks though, I think Bucks are the coolest....)
2.Compression socks
3. Mesh Bohn Armor (knee, hip, thigh armor)
4. Sedici, Joe Rocket Mesh pants
5. Boots, Sidi All Roads (hot, but very comfy and rainproof to 12 hours of soaking)