Fuel cell


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More fuel is always nice. Once you get used to the range it's hard to do without IMHO.
You've got that right! During a rally a month or so ago I all but ran out of gas at midnight. I still had some but did not know how much. I was in a very rural area with narrow roads and no shoulder. I got to a gas station however the pumps were off. Not wanting to risk running out in the middle of nowhere I decided to stay put.

Had planned on spending the night there but the Rally Master took pity on me and drove the 45 minutes to my location to bring me gas.


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Oh, this is an enabling group of riders, alright....but for a first-time SS certification? Are you certain you're willing to invest the time and effort into getting an aux fuel cell on this specific bike before you realize that either the bike doesn't work for this style of riding (for whatever reason...) or you find out that 800 miles in, maybe LD riding isn't for you?

Not trying to be a 'Debbie Downer' here, but just keep shoving fuel into that 4.8 gallon (to dry, right?) tank, and plan 140 - 160 mile fuel stops.

I'm not certain that I'd make this any more of a challenge than it already is.

Remember the AOW about new farkles just before a ride... :cool:

Luck to ya!