FYI IBA Germany ride to Eat in Scotland


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The second R2E takes us to the Scottish Highland's this year!
There we meet on Saturday, the 27th of July at 15 o'clock (!!!) in front of the famous Highlander-Castle for a group photo.
1543996048988.png GPS 57.274072, -5.512949
Who wants to take time before for a sightseeing tour.
Then it goes across the beautiful landscape to about 120 km away Inverness, where we meet at 19 clock in the restaurant "Beefeater" for dinner together.
GPS 57.464301, -4.246626
There is also a hotel, the Premir Inn Inverness West, where you can stay for example. (Https://
Until then !!!!


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From memory I think there are three or four premier inns in Inverness - all within 4 or 5 miles of each other so I tend to find it relatively easy to get a cheap saver room. I'll be travelling back down south from Elgin (with a couple of grumpy teenagers) on the 27th otherwise I would have been tempted!
oh yes the lochinver pie shop is a bit special many years since i've been though, could well be there myself night before wild camping and fishing on skye
Could be a good one for my diary