Garmin way points into Google Maps help.


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Question; can you import a route with more than 10 waypoints into google maps?
2nd Question: How about going the other way? I have created a 3,000 mile route with about 200 waypoints using Google Maps and saving the coordinates in Excel. Is there an EASY way to enter all those waypoints into Base Camp? Cutting and pasting each set of coordinates and then saving them in Base Camp is taking forever.
In my response, I neglected to address your first question. I have not had much luck with detailed routes in Google maps but have found the MyMaps section to be a bit more accommodating. It has its own nuances but is a bit better for volume.


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None of the built-in GPS' that are Honda Goldwings have this capability, as far as I know - including the 2018+ which is NOT a Garmin GPS system.

GPS in UK (where this thread originated) may not have that capability either.
Works well on our z590 and 595.

I stumbled recently onto "dnrgps", a utility similar to GPSBabel that *can* take a .CSV file output (from Excel, for example) and translate into GPX that can be swallowed up no problem by BC.

Don't worry about the "GIS software" functionality, since you're only use is to translate into GPX.
Now that sounds interesting. Should my file consist of just a column of coordinates?


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The crux of the issue is...what Google Maps might have for a route may not match the data your GPS is trying to use to route.

Thus, we have a very convoluted, complex situation in order to have *both* Google Maps *and* whatever GPS you're using to match routes.
Convoluted indeed Ken.
When doing a certified ride, I like to start with the end in mind, namely the submission to the IBA for verification. I pre-plan my ride using Google Maps on the computer. So much easier for me to do on a big screen. I then send the map(s) to my Android phone as a text to open for navigating. My goal is to run the route exactly as Google Maps planned.

In addition to my phone, I run a Garmin 660 and my onboard Harley GPS with the route created in BaseCamp. I use the Garmin to display pertinent info like Distance to End, Time of Arrival and GPS ODO mile. The HD Nav has a bigger display, much easier to view. As a side note, It is interesting to watch the conflicts on the three. The Harley GPS and Google agree most of the time. The Garmin always seems to want me to take a shorter route, even if it takes longer. I have learned it’s best to trust Google for real-time routing.

Thanks to your tip I tried things a little different on my BBG last Monday (8/6). Instead of creating the routes solely in BaseCamp for export to my two Sat Navs, I used GPS Visualizer to translate the Google Maps to a GPX and imported them into BC. A process in itself as Visualizer creates “paths”, not routes. I combined the paths and created a route.

Glad I did. For whatever reason the Google Maps sent to my phone would not open correctly. (I had a host of other issues on the ride that may end up in a ride report on the forum. I completed 1513 miles in 23 hrs, 50 minutes)

I ended up using the two GPS for navigating the whole route and Google for point to point navigation.


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Now that sounds interesting. Should my file consist of just a column of coordinates?
It required four items, including lat and long. Not in front of the computer at the moment so I'm not able to recall the details.

It'll generate either waypoints or route points, from there BC will do the rest.