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So, Many of you I have noticed seem to like the GS as a distance tool. Can I ask what you do about charging your Phone while on the go, as one thing I have noticed is that Spotwalla tracking kills the phone. on the Harley that's easy as there is a charging point in the top box, but am considering the purchase of a GS Adventure. Any help/advice much appreciated!


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Don't have a GS but faced similar problems with the RT. Powerbank like the Anker Powercore is probably the simplest solution but it has a limit to the number of re-charges. Or connect a car accessory socket directly to battery via inline fuse and see if you can put it in a protected area like under the seat (with the RT I put one in the "glove box").
If you are going to add multiple things you might want to think about using a "relay busbar" arrangement or a more elegant solution is the Fuzebox FZ1 (Nippy Normans)
Some tankbags come with optional usb connectors but they still need to be plugged in somewhere...


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I use a Fuzeblock from NippyNormans mounted under the rider's seat, on top of the small storage bin. Allows for most auxiliary power needs (coms, satnavs, heated jackets, spots). I also have it switched using a connector to the auxillary power socket.


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Yep, PDM60 as relay/fusebox and lighter DIN plugs both sides near windscreen. One used for heated gears and other directly to tank bag, where power is shared by USB to phone etc. Point is, tank bag has only one quick power connector and has most important devices+docs and follows me always.


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I use and love the powered and waterproof cases you can get from Ultimate Addons. They also do all sorts of accessories. I use their version of the Ram ball to mount my case as theirs are hard plastic not rubber so they're more UV resistant when sitting on the bike with nothing bolted over them. I also have a PDM60 digital power module fitted to my GSA and it isn't cheap but does an awesome job. It feeds a waterproof connection up to my handlebars so when I use my phone I can quickly and easily connect it up. This keeps it both powered and charged while riding forever. Check out this website:


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Fuze block from Nippy Normans to by pass the canbus controlled socket which switches off anything over 5 amp currant under the seat
connected to a powerlet tank bag system x3 usb sockets x1 12v socket to charge the phone,powerbank,helmet bluetooth, also runs power socket for the the compressor, marker lghts, air horns.