Hey Mathew,

CONGRATULATIONS!! And welcome to the small fraternity of crazy folks!! LOL!
(Well - that's what most other motorcyclists think - we're not crazy, just very determined!)
Glad you had a good time with no issues... and came home safe.
We're gonna need a picture of that "swift" Suzuki with your Iron Butt plate backing!!

It's definitely a fraternity I am proud to be a part of. I can't wait to do another and drag some baby butts along with me to see if I can't toughen up some of my riding partners. As soon as I get my plate backer I will post a picture for sure.

Jim Craig

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So I got back yesterday from my trip. It was a blast. 3D printed throttle lock worked great. Thank you for the advice. I made 1100 miles in 19 hours and met some cool people along the way. Already planning for a bun burner next year. Thank you all for your input.
Congrats! I did my first SS this June and completed my BBG1500 earlier this month. I can relate you and your 'busa. Back in the day I bought a ZX-11 when it was the top of the hill for performance. I loved touring on it and found it incredibly easy to ride. I did several 500 mile days on it and the only modification was installing a Corbin seat. I rode an older R1200GS for the SS1000 without cruise control and bought a lock very similar to what you had made. Gave it away to a friend of mine when I bought the new GSA that I ride now. There are days when I miss having a bike that pulls low 10's in the quarter with a top speed of 300KPH.

Garage Monster

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I find your choice of the Hayabusa as a tourer perfectly logical. Until 2 years ago I rode a 2005 Hayabusa for weeklong camping trips and several SS1000 rides. I had a Corbin seat, Heli Bars, lowered pegs from a Buell, a Bagster system, Double bubble windscreen, soft bags and later hard bags, and the best thing I ever did was add electronic cruise control. Much better than a throttle lock. I used that bike for 6 years and only sold it to get a bigger fairing to deal with the cold weather here in Oregon. I will be 72 in a few months. I loved the Hayabusa.
That's awesome. I love my 05 Hayabusa and it is wonderfully comfortable for me. I will be riding to West Virginia from New Mexico next spring for my first BB1500. This time for sure gonna get some sort of seat pad. One of my ultimate goals(dream) on this bike is the True X ride.

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I agree with the comments about the seat. I had to fix mine. Because the rider and passenger seats are separate I changed just the rider seat to a used Corbin found on Ebay. I loved it and a 1000 mile ride took from 16 to 18 hours and the seat was never an issue. After 3 years the seat needed a repair as the welting on the edges was worn through. Corbin quoted an expensive price and said I had to send in the seat to get in line and it would be 3 to 4 weeks. I found Laam custom seats in Redding, Ca. I called and talked to the owner himself. He quoted a lower price to rebuild the seat and a quick turn around. I sent him my seat and asked that he also make it a heated seat. The cost with the heat installed and the seat rebuilt was lower than Corbin's quote and including shipping I had my seat back in less than a week. Really worth the money. You can Google Laam seats in Redding.
I may have to look him up. Don't think I need the heated portion but I sure do need something better than what I have now. My current set up is the stock seat but I shaved it down a bit to fit my butt better.


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Congrats on completing the ride on what some deem an "inappropriate" motorcycle :)

In reality, anyone can complete any ride on anything that can last the distance and go fast enough if they are willing. But what do I know, I ride a Sportster
Yep, riding a busa and loving it. Never did I think I would even be able to do long distance rides given my back and knee issues, but the more shocking thing is I never thought I would do it on a "sport" bike. After getting the bike I noticed how comfy it was for me and how I just sank right in to position. Did a few modifications and said what the hell let's give it a shot. And now I'm addicted. Already have a BB1500 planned in May and a 50cc planed for late June. Also might try to squeeze in a 4 corners ride in August.
That's awesome, I would think any long ride on a gsxr1000 would be rough. But then again I have never sat on one so I don't know exactly how different it would be from my hayabusa.

I'm pumped my ridea just got certified and they are sending out my certificate and goodies.


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Welcome Batfink and well done. The discipline of riding sportbikes on IBA runs is a worthwhile one.

Doing thousand mile days on things like Triumph Daytonas is not easy, but good fun

I endorse all your mods as great ideas. The only thing I'd add is conditioning your own body. Getting fit and building up your core strength is a great addition to rider comfort along with the other mods.

Looking forward to your next adventure.
I am getting ready for a Saddle Sore 1k on an 05 Hayabusa. I'll be riding from Albuquerque, NM to Dallas, TX via el paso and San Antonio. Should be fun. Do you all have any tips? I have a shaved down seat, helli bars, double bubble wind screen, 40mm lower pegs and a 50L tail bag. That's pretry much it
I road my Busa from lawton oklahoma to Miami and had a blast. I just put my hand where it was pressed against the throttle for most of the ride. Use your back peg to rest your legs and try not to stay in the same position for to long. Try not to get tunnel vision.