GTR - Stanthorpe Qld 3/4/21


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Are there any thoughts about one of our gifted designers creating a GTR-specific certificate?
The PTTP ride already has its own- perhaps a generic GTR certificate, with the text describing the ride as usual, noting that it was undertaken in the context of a GTR at a specific location and time frame.


The GTR concept was put in place as a simple method of encouraging riders to invite others to "catch up" without any formality of an IBA ride, that is not to say riders would not complete one. This is a great opportunity for non IBA members to catch up as well for a meet and great. Any IBA ride would need to be submitted through the normal channels.
At this stage, there is no intent on having a specific certificate for a GTR.


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That's a very good point that I hadn't noticed (the notation is unreadably small in my diary).
I wonder if that date disqualifies other potential riders.
So true, this is one of the challenges we all have. Competing priorities and availability of time that suits both home and work.

Funny how things pan out, I received a text from a guy who said this was one of his only free weekends if the borders remain open.

We don’t know what’s around the corner, I feel we need to embrace every opportunity either with our family or riding mates.

The beauty of a ‘GTR’ is anyone can select a date and place that suits them. As demonstrated if it suits other riders they will come from everywhere.


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Yep, whilst an Easter long weekend is great for family get aways and an opportunity to travel, for those of us with kids who live away from home, long weekends are the time for them all to gather back in Mum's nest for a few days. I am rostered off work, and had pencilled this one in my diary. I doubt that I can get away, but best wishes again to those who can gather.