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Hi all,

I have been a guest on the site for a while but now that I am a qualified Ironbutter thought I would sign up. I currently ride a Honda Blackbird which costs a fortune on IB rides but can't bring myself to sell it. After meeting FazerPhil at Nailsea International Bike Show I completed my first SS1000 in August 2016 from Bristol to Inverness and back. I felt like I had ticked the box until I bumped into him again in August this year at a local fayre and decided then to attempt a BBG1500 in September. I will post a ride report soon. So I am now addicted. I aim to attend some of the RTE rides in 2018 and meet more of you in person. Best regards GaZZR.
It was mainly the fuel economy of about 40mpg. What it looses in fuel costs it makes up for with tyres. 14,000 miles from the Michelin Pilot 4's!

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As a fellow XX rider, I feel your pain! I’ll have to try the PR4s, as I’ve never got more the 10.5k from my usual Bridgestones. I can get 45+mpg on a good run, though