Hello from NE Derbyshire

Hi there, was a member back in 2010, but my technology abilities leave a lot to be desired, so back again under new pseudonym
57 yr old, over weight, leathers too tight but heh who cares. Riding bikes has to be the best thing available to put a smile on your face.
Yam EXUP, ZZR1100, ZZR1400 '09 and now ZZR1400 '016 model since returning to bikes once kids had grown up a bit and finally got some "disposable income"
signed up for clockwise southern route on 16th, and really looking forward to it.
did complete the ride in 2010, northern clockwise on the ZZR1100, soo much fun that day/night.


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See you at Squires next Friday John. And if you're in NE Derbyshire you're probably not far away from our Annual Social Event that's in Sheffield at the end of October. Details are on a separate topic :)