How to reduce amount of data on GARMIN V & V1


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Both of my Garmin GPS units are full and will accept no further updates.
Im told this is because the updates fill the unit and the SD card with all of Europe's points of interest and a lot of what I won't ever use.
How can I interrogate the internal files and pick and choose what I want.
I know there is a way to pick and choose different countries that there are maps for but I have no idea how.
I have looked on youtube but cant find any info.
So any help much appreciated.


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Hi John

What size SD cards do you have in them? I know you have a BMW Nav but are these both BM units or is one a Zumo???

My Nav 6 just updates direct to the unit but my older Zumo 660 has to update the maps to the SD card as the base memory is not big enough now. So, I had to get a bigger card some time ago.

Have you deleted all your old routes out of them.

Are you using Garmin Express to do the map updates?

Do you have unlocked countries such as the US on yours that are also trying to up date??

With Garmin Express I can’t seem to install just the regions or countries I want/need as you could with the older web update tool.

I’m not sure if you can still use the web update tool if you have it or if this has been totally replaced by Express.

Not sure if any of this helps



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If you install the new maps to your computer only via Garmin Express you can then choose which tiles to install on your Zumo via the maps pull down menu in basecamp.

I think you can delete the waypoints/favourites on your zumo through basecamp as well.


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That’s just the base map though. I’ll take your word for it but I’m not sure basecamp determines which base map is on the Nav. You get the choice when you update to install on the Nav or Nav and PC. If you choose the latter both have the same base map..

I think what John is asking is....if the Nav is full, how do I only install the countries or regions I need as I can’t install the

This selection was possible with web updater I think. I know I’ve used it some where....


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Thanks for the reply's guys.
I am going to increase the SD Card size to 32 gb on each this should obviously help but there is still no option I can see to pick and choose what country you wish to add / remove.
Plus its the ability to remove / read such things as the track log that does not show itself when you examine the files on a PC.
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Plus its the ability to remove / read such things as the track log that does not show itself when you examine the files on a PC
This flaw also bothers me. why don't I have the ability to delete track logs, they are of no use to me.
Why would Garmin lock these files to the unit, unless it's Big Brother being able to see where I've been should the need arise! :rolleyes:


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On the 590 they are stored as GPX files. I go in through the PC, cut them and then paste them into another folder on the PC, so I still have them if I want to look at them. Location shown for 590, maybe similar for your Zumos.



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Having installed the most recent map set only on the computer.

To install a reduced map set on the 590. In the past I have cut the Map (Disc image file 2.27GB) from the Zumo and pasted it into a folder on the computer. So that I can re-install it if necessary. Location shown
Map file.JPG

I then open basecamp and under the Maps tab go to Install Maps.

You can then select Customize and then the Advanced/Partial Install button which will allow you to select which tiles of the map you wish to install.
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