I feel the Need, the Need for - ACT Insanity v2.0!

Martin Little

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So 20 laps @ 1:04=21:20. Say stop every 4th lap for break and fuel adds 1:30 (3 stops, the last is for resus). That's 22:50. The longest SS1600 I've done was about 19.5 hours, so it's obviously a tough one, with all the traffic light stops etc. :oops:
This is a tough one alright, but also an opportunity to hone ones ride strategy and efficiency.


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Yes, none of us takes 30 minutes to refuel. So allowing for socialising/food at a few of the stops, you can knock a bit off that (and yes, silly me, it's 4 stops), although I can get 500 kays from a tank, so would only need 3 stops for fuel plus the last stop.
Well mate, that leaves you plenty of time to be our official photographer as well as participating in the ride ;)
I have one caveat. I'm doing a 4 week tour to Cairns shortly after the election, if the borders are open. It's been postponed from August. I may or may not be able to include this event, depends on the timing.