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The rally dates and general location for the start of the 2017 Iron Butt Rally will be in the announcement of the opening of the application period.

Ira Agins
Iron Butt Association


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Roy you will find most of your questions answered here:

Selection would begin some time after the entries closed 15th Feb 2016. Those riders selected are notified some time before the first entry fee installment is due 15th March 2016.

Announcement? Do you mean an announcement the 100 or so selected riders' names? That type of announcement does not tend to happen. The riders get to know who is selected by saying hello in the appropriate private part of the forum.

Roy Kjendal

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Thanks Peter. I had seen that but thought that there might be a specific date when the names were sent out... I guess I should have read it as the name will be sent out (little by little as they re selected) between Feb 15 ans mar 15.....:)