Invictus Tour 30th May 2021.


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If for any reason you cannot or your pillion cannot make the Tour, please let the organizers know by posting on this forum. As we have very limited numbers left for entrants. And if someone pulls out this opens a space for someone else.

Thanks the Tour Master.


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It is almost time to start having some late nights planning routes for the Invictus Tour.
The Tour Information will be sent to all entrants on Saturday 22nd May 2021 :D
Still 2 spaces left but entrants closes on midnight Friday 21st May 2021,


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With great sadness I think I have no other choice than to pull out :(
I don't expect that Belgium will be put on the list of "green" countries in the next days, and a quarantine period is not feasible for me.:rolleyes:
I had planned to visit Kent on my Honda thumper, but I'll try again in 2022.
As I guess you won't reimburse the entry fee, I would be happy to receive the rally information on Saturday as well, it would make a great "dry run" for me. I guess my planning routine got a bit rusty...;)


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The President of the Iron Butt Association UK, Fazer Phil
Has agreed that the winner of the tour, will receive a £20.00 discount from the price of the next IBA UK event that they enter.
Either a Rally or a Certified Ride.

There will be no trophies issued this year for 1st,2nd or 3rd.
As the tour Master, i felt the money would be better spent if it went to the charity of my choice Myeloma UK. along with all the other profit this event makes..
All entrants will however receive a certificate showing their result in the tour.
The results will be posted on this The Iron Butt Association forum as soon as they are available. The Certificates may take a little longer as I am off on a motorcycle tour of Scotland for a week or so straight after the Tour, so please bear with me.
Many thanks Steve.

Not long now until you start having sleepless nights wondering if you can just fit in one more bonus location or just improve on that route:p:p:p


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Well only a couple of days to go, the weather is set to be fine.45 entrants.
I just wonder how many routes have been planned to find the best option ?
Don't make the rookie mistake and try to do to much, this is all about having a great day.



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Nice rally and I very much enjoyed my days riding - even though I still "disapprove" of this new scoring method :). I did think that the idea of both a large and small rally flag was a very good idea
Have to agree with everyone here. Great day out, lots of trees and cyclists... Is lycra compulsory down there?

Ride home was interesting... Puncture in Towcester wrecked the rear tyre. It was only 700 miles old. New one needed. Little rubber worm repairs didn't work. AA called and managed to stop it leaking enough to ride the last 100 miles home. Tyre pressure display was really appreciated.

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I took the opportunity, whilst this side of the Irish Sea to visit some friends in North Devon and Cornwall (Monday was supposed to be 4.5hrs from The Rise and Crown to Bideford, but with half-term half-wits it was 7hrs) the run down to South Cornwall on Wednesday was lovely on the A388, but there are bridgework at Launceston which are causing delays.
The run back today got tedious with the M5 roadworks being a sub-optimal experience with a planned 7hr ride turning into 10hrs,
Furthermore I came over Dublin - Holyhead with no issues but was "kindly" informed by Stena at short notice, that I needed a PCR test to go go back, so a quick change of ferry to Liverpool-Belfast stopped that nonsense, however there were no cabins for the overnight sailing; notwithstanding that imbuggerance, I had the Stena Plus Lounge booked, and since bikes tend to get loaded first, I have secured a wee settee with cushions (aka. pillows) and with the free wine I should be able to recharge the sleep batteries.
There are three other bikes (all BMWs on board tonight) two GS and an XR 1000: each with points to mention:
1st. 1200GS travelled over from Dublin on P&O, which apparently was very not good. when I booked my ferries for the various IBA (UK) events this year I used Nutt Travel ( they advised that Stena is the better of the two (CEO of Stena is a biker).
2nd 1250GS, is traveling over to upgrade to a 1250GSA, he is from Wales/Cheshire and has bought his last few bikes from Charles Hurst in Belfast, they are "opening" early to facilitate the change of bike so he can get the return day sailing back from Belfast to Liverpool; furthermore it transpires that CH are giving him £2K more than any local GB Motorrad dealers can stretch too; this may be because CH can sell into the Republic of Ireland and other European Countries where BMWs start at much higher prices so second hand bikes also command a premium; something to bear in mind if any IBA(UK) are looking for a new BMW,
3rd. The pillion on the XR was admiring the larger Vario Topbox on the 1200 GS, and was a tad underwhelmed with her boyfriend/pilot when it was explained that their topbox was of an expanding variety (RTFM - Read The Fecking Manual).
Off for more free wine and snacks :)
See some of you at RBLR/ABR/BBL/BBR or somewhere in the ongoing progress of the Galaxy
Good to hear that the Invictus Tour went well Steve and all seem to have had a good time :cool:

May I suggest those that entered now consider the Brit Butt Light Rally on 17th of July? Much the same principal as the Invictus Tour but you have more time available, up to 12 hours, to visit the bonus locations available.

Entry closes on the 3rd of July so if you are considering a day out visiting Steam Train based locations, mostly located off lovely biking roads, then I'd encourage you to enter soon ;)

Thanks, Lee


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Sorry for the delay in getting these on the forum, but straight after the Tour I set of for a week of collecting Brit Butt Tour locations with a few of the other Iron Butt riders and I did not have the facilitys to do this with me. So my appologies for the delay.
So here you go boys and girls what you have all been waiting very patiently for.
After talking to the scorers the most obvious thing that cost entrants points was N.R.T.I.
An extra Invictus sticker to the first person to work out what N.R.T.I. :eek::eek:


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Certificate printing and posting will start tomorrow.
If you would like a further Invictus sticker let me know on here, I have a few left over and I will pop it in with your cert. :):)
Be quick first come first serve.
Thanks for all the great comments I am already looking at plans for next year. o_Obe afraid be very afraid,