Invictus Tour Donation 2021


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Today I've send £1000 to Myeloma UK which was Steve's chosen charity.

45 riders and 6 pillions entered. The donation was made up of ALL the entry fees, a donation from the lady at the village hall start and a small top up by IBAUK to round up the numbers.

Absolutely no expenses were taking out.

Well done Steve, Tom and JB for putting together a well received tour.

Thank you all for taking part.


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The reply from Maggie Rankin
Senior Event Development Fundraiser
Dear Iron Butt Association UK

Thank you for raising £1,000 in support of Myeloma UK by organising a motorcycle tour. Your dedication and hard work have achieved this fantastic result, thank you so much.

Myeloma is an incurable blood cancer. Over 24,000 people in the UK live with myeloma. It is the third most common form of blood cancer but with no lump, no single place to screen or scan and no single symptom to raise concern, myeloma is consistently difficult to detect. As a result, myeloma is often diagnosed late or when patients need emergency help.

Thanks to supporters like you, Myeloma UK launched our new GP Early Diagnosis Tool that helps GPs recognise the signs of myeloma, helping patients start treatment sooner, preventing complications, improving survival and helping patients have a better quality of life.

Dr Fenella Willis, Consultant Haematologist, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “It is well recognised that the interpretation of specialist myeloma laboratory tests can be challenging for GPs. This can result in inadvertent delays in the referral pathway. The Myeloma UK GP Diagnostic Tool aims to make the interpretation of results clearer and help support GPs to recognise when to refer.”

Our GP Early Diagnosis Tool is making a difference. After using it 94% of GPs surveyed said they felt more confident recognising the signs of myeloma and 91% said they felt more confident interpreting test results for myeloma. This is progress, but there is still more to do.

Myeloma UK receives no core government funding and relies on donations and fundraising. Every step we make progressing treatment and care is thanks to supporters like you.

If you would like to learn more about our work, or how you can get involved, visit or email [email protected]

Thank you for helping to make myeloma history.

Best wishes