Iron butt/ sore 1000 mile ride information


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Yup - @BigLew55 has the link for ya.

The two biggies are photo of receipt & odometer for every fuel stop *and* logging every stop longer than 30 minutes.

Read, then re-read Step Two for all of the particulars. Follow up in this thread for any clarifications you might have on the subject @renato pasion
Sorry for the late response. Just also learning about computer stuff. So, here’s the main menu, I took a picture of my odometer as well as my receipts. I decided to do the round trip option and on my way back, I got hit with torrential rain so, decided to wait it out without paying too much on the length of stay. When I found out the rain can’t seem to let go, I decided to take it all the way back to my final destination and my odometer clocked in more than a thousand miles with more minutes to spare. If I’m disqualified for not being able to annotate my stop over, pls enlighten me thanks in advance


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Include the stop in your ride log and include a note explaining it.

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