I've just launched a Dreadnought!!


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With a brass band and accompanying sound effects 30 minutes ago sat on the throne after what seemed like a lifetime and much gnashing of teeth and perspiration there was this monster filling the pan and all the wrinkles smoothed out around my eyes and forehead hearing and eyesight restored to normal oh and the top of my head went flat.
I knew this was not going to be a one flush jobbie so the battle started three buckets of water and a damn good thrashing with the bog brush later and half the bastard was still there:eek:
As depth charges are a bit hard to obtain in the UK persistence is the answer after a inordinate amount of time i staggered down stairs and collapsed in the chair congratulating myself on a jobbie well done.
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The side effects of opioid pain meds are no fun. One of the US Midwesterners will be along shortly to explain the benefits of the "poop knife" kept by the throne next to the bog brush.

Congratulations on lightening the load!