K1600 GTLE


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There comes a time when you have to recognize the adage "a man's go to know his limitations" becomes a reality. For me it is the fact that my beloved K1600 GTLE has become too heavy for this 75 year old body. If anyone out there is interested in in a rally ready K16, veteran of two IBRs, i am making mine available. Bike comes with (partial list) Clearwater Ericas, highway pegs, lowered pegs, Russell Day Long saddle, BMW NAV V GPS, wired for a second GPS, Clearwater Billy Jr tail light. It has every option BMW offered in 2016. It has been maintained exclusively at Bob's BMW and has 1 1/2 years left on the extended warranty.
On the negative side it has the external patina of a bike with 126k miles and has taken a few naps in parking lots.
Asking $11,500. (Blue book is 12,7xx)

And if anyone cares, I am not retiring from Iron Butt adventures, just going smaller and lighter.

Kim Leeson

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Glad to hear you are not giving up, I'm 62 and dread the day when I have to hang up the helmet, may I ask what you are considering?