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SS to Kingman, then ride the mileage route (bring layers or heated gear), then dinner that night, then up early the next morning to ride another SS. You'll be earning your certificates on this trip. :)
Okay. I'll be at the Hampton. Check in is at 3 but they'll normally let me in earlier so I'll plan on leaving home at 10 am. That will give me 4+ hours to get there taking my time, and I'll miss the commute traffic leaving Phoenix. It puts me 4 min away from Mother Road Harley-Davidson where we typically have our cook-out/rider meeting.

@David Hay, are you coming straight across on I-40 from Heber?


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If the Google maps routing estimate is right, I should be there in 16 hours +-1. Since I will be Chasing the Sun, I should be there about 7pm/1900 local time. I think, maybe, sorta kinda, ish.
Brian, what day do you plan on getting there?
I will be meandering on the way home, slowly, licking my wounds and such. I do know that I want to take a different route home, North or South depending on the weather.