Magic-12 Rally


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Hi folks,

you may have heard that IBA Germany will organize another Magic-12 Rally on Saturday July 30, 2016.

More information here:

Rally start will be between 6 and 7 am (your choice) and from where ever you want to start.

Finish will be in Krefeld - with a little summer-party including a buffet, BBQ and cool drinks.

This may be interesting for you: there are already many bonuses in the Belgian area.

If you have to work on the Friday before the M12 - you could start into the rally directly from Calais (or Brussels) making already good points there.

You will have a lot of fun on the way to Krefeld.

Like all German Butt Rallies there is no one special winning route, it depends on your planning and your ride.

So - also if you do not want to rally .. you all are very welcome “to come over just for a drink” :)

Cheers, Gerhard