Mile eater award


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Good effort that man, great try.

Just a thought but why not a BBG on the French Peage? Calais to Monaco, I think the only tricky bit regarding traffic is Lyon which has no ring road. I know the best bit of riding is like your diagonal across Wales and you, like me want more bang for your buck, but to do a Gold ride anywhere in Europe is tough with road works, closures, and speed limits.
I lived in America for a year, spent a year in the Berlin garrison, and drove a truck all over Europe for three years
never enjoyed driving on the 'wrong' side of the road and i especially wont ride a bike there too vulnerable.


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After the trip out to Slovenia I have my doubts about attempting certified rides in Europe, the traffic was appalling.... better on the way back as I took a different route, two bad accidents in the German bit held me up a good bit, but the French section was quieter, if relatively costly.

I suspect if I knew all the toll and non toll routes, which were busy and which were not, it would be easier, but I don't....

Don't mind riding or driving in Euroland, just find it frustrating with some of their laws, especially Germany with their aversion to filtering.....

That and the occasional mugging at petrol stations for fuel......