My 2019 Iron Butt Rally Podcast Interview


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Now for the big question. If Chris rides in 2023, will it be on a Harley or BMW?
I have no idea! The biggest advantage the BMW has is that single sided swingarm and the center stand allowing me to do a wheel swap rather quickly. That would have allowed me to get several more hours of riding time in on leg 2 during 2021.
First, the Sporty fits him like a glove. Second, there’s plenty of time to get comfortable with the Beemer, changes are forth coming. Third, I don’t rule out the Suzuki, but he might have to scale back his usual load slightly, a 550 triple could get excessively thirsty?
I’m prejudiced though and pulling for the well worn V-twin.


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Ran across this thread and the link to your interview. I hadn't planned on spending nearly 2 hours listening to it, but I enjoyed every minute. Very informative. Great job!