Odometer Inaccuracy - Taller Rear Tire

So I installed a somewhat taller rear tire on my '16 Victory Cross Country. As a result, my speedometer is more accurate but my odometer is reading shy. On any sort of distance, it really shows.

Since I am using Bubbler GPS / Spotwalla for my rides, is there a problem with getting a ride certified if my odometer reading does not match Google Maps and Spotwalla?

I am going to be doing an expressway end to end ride where I will be running GPS tracking the whole time.

Original Tire: Very well worn 180/60R16, New Tire: New 180/65R16. I expected a 3% difference, however it was quite a bit more because I went from a well worn lower profile tire to a new higher profile tire.
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Like Shawn said, ride far enough to overcome the error on the odometer to ensure you have enough actual miles to qualify for the ride you are seeking to have certified