One for the Ladies


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I don't think that is funny.
My wife was in labour for 25 (!) hours. I stood by her the whole time.
I have seen her pain, despair and fear.
You have never experienced such a situation, I presume?
Nevertheless: take care..


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As a father of two children who was present both times you are presuming too much, you don't think it's funny the joke is obviously too subtle for you i'll leave it to others to explain it to you if they can be bothered.
You take care your self.


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Well, spelling Labor like that was your first mistake!

I actually thought it was funny enough to forward to another group.

I guess if you can't take a joke you should not read the "General Chat & Banter"


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I apologize for stirring things up. That was not my intention, sorry about that.
I've had quite a traumatic experience concerning my wife being in labour (spelled correctly?) and I surely can take a joke, but I found this one not the kind that I could laugh about. That is just me, I guess.
Anyway, the fact that english is not my native tongue might be part of the reason things got a little misunderstood.
Again: apologies and stay safe.
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