Papa's got a brand new bag!


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Hey there Triple Treat, have you worn out those tyre edges yet on those great roads around your neighbourhood?

I hope the Ducati works out well for you. And now you've changed from a Triumph triple to a Ducati twin, you will have to change your forum name perhaps Triple Treat?? :eek:


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Thank you one and all.
After three consecutive Sprint models this almost felt like a betrayal... until I twisted the Multi's throttle. Then I got over it.
LD riding should be a lot easier physically with the sit up riding position, and I'm stunned at how quickly and effortlessly the Multi gets through a corner, though the fuel range may be a tad less than the frugal Triumph.


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Nice one, Rod! As Russ and you said sad to leave the cult of 3but it happens to us all. I hope to return some day.


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So you got some road picks for us yet?
Yep, every road is a good road, even the really shite ones!
Sold the Triumph on Sunday. It's nice to know it's going to a good home though it may well have done it's last IBA ride as the new owner doesn't see that as part of his future.


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So just browsing the results of the 2018 Pikes Peak Hill Climb and Ducati Multistrada finished 1st in PP Heavyweight and 10th fastest overall..they also finished 3rd in class split by the KTM 1290 Super Adventure...wonder if there's been any local "competition" yet...