Preparation for the RBLR1000

So having ridden the RBLR1000 this year I wondered whether I was getting older, or it was getting harder.

It took me 22.5 hours, but I wasn't rushing, riding on my own & wrestling with the wind.

I then realised that I'd failed to follow rule 4 & 11 of the Presidents's guide above.

Mentally not ready, had swanned off after work on the Friday & ridden to Squires, this is not ideal as even part of a day's work then rushing about to get kit bike etc sorted doesn't help.

I then worked out as I rode along that i hadn't been on the bike since San Marino for any distance. Again this doesn't help as fatigue is a slow creeping peril. I felt the effects for days after finishing.

So I suppose am endorsing that old saying "fail to plan, plan to fail".

I was lucky I suppose, could quite easily have been a different result. But hey ho, onto Riga!!


IBA Member
And there was me thinking you were being uber cool munching on that pie at Wick...... :cool:

Come to think of it, it was probably that, that caused the wind..... :)