question regarding a change of bike mid ride


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howdy .... been absent for a while due to family "issues" back in the land of the living and have a question regarding the ability to change bikes mid ride.

Im looking at doing a ride that incorporates some hard dirt riding but the majority of the ride is bitumen. Is it possible to change bikes midway and still get a recognised ride?




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Hi Spanner. I believe there are only two rides that don't allow a bike change and it doesn't affect us downunder at this stage.

I knocked out a 3,000 Km ride utilising seven different bikes, one for each leg and had no issues with certification. Rules are available but that's half the fun researching them.

The key:
Ensure all documentation is accurate, sequential and easy to understand. It worth spending some time and getting it right the first time, don't rush it. This ensures the validation process is simplified and reduces time and inconvenience to everyone.