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Just read that Microsoft have stopped producing their Autoroute program at the end of last year .
So what ever version you have now is the last.
The reason we are told is the ease of use and availability of their free Bing / microsoft online mapping program .
I wonder if Garmin may choose to end there mapping with a deal with perhaps Google maps or similar and how that would affect our sport.
Apparently the mapping updates are seriously expensive for these companies and 90 percent of users wont use the base camp software and just use the gps unit itself for simple A to B trips .


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I can't find Garmin maps for Russia - having to use Google maps for routes to/from Moscow


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I downloaded the free version of Tyre last summer. This was because I needed to be able to send out bonus location files for the Iceni Rally in a TomTom compatible format. Other than that I haven't used it to create routes. You can import gpx files then re-save them into a multitude of file types, even though there are other converting programmes about.


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The end is in sight for offline mapping/routing programs. With the ready availability of Google Maps, Bing Maps and the like, the number of people prepared to pay for an offline program must be continually shrinking.

Of course, the online stuff is not much use if you've got no phone signal, or don't want to pay substantial amounts for overseas data.

Auto route has not been supported for some time windows 8 struggled that much with it I had to go back to windows 7 strange that as its all made by the same company. when this happened I looked at alternatives of offline route planner at the time there were a few out there aimed at courier firms and delivery company's sales reps etc, because they were aimed at business users they were not cheap, the on line mapping programmes seem to be taking over. In the end I stuck with autoroute for now. I've use tyre to create waypoints etc but I find it best creating POI's. What I haven't got it to do yet is accept data zapped to it . It will plan routes but you have to be online to use it ie get a map if I could get it to use my sat nav map that would be really good alternatively.. If my laptop would display my satnav map I could use that offline trying to plan a route on a piddly little screen is a real struggle you would think that would be an available function . these new fangled phones give you an app but I think you have to be on line ?? who knows I may end up back with a map and length of string.
not used base camp but I did have a play, I think you need a garmin for it to function properly at that time I found open street maps and the data ie map itself looked really good.

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I went to download this tonight and it immediately triggered my virus checker, plus I got 8 separate emails telling me to confirm my subscription within the space of 10 seconds...not exactly a great first impression. I think I'll just live with AutoRoute for now...
I use TYRE (and even bought it as I liked it so much) it's a great product if a little slow and buggy at times. - http://www.tyretotravel.com

The people who make TYRE are have also started another app, this is more online but it does have a smartphone app - http://www.myrouteapp.com

I use mostly use ITN Converter (free download from http://www.benichou-software.com/) and find the route optimisation tool very good, this was one of the main selling point to AutoRoute.
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Not sure I'd trust software from someone who's first and only post in the entire forum (posted immediately after joining) is SPAM for what is likely pirated material...
Hi Stephen,

I do appreciate your comment regarding being new to the site, however, I am just trying to promote the software.

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